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  1. The Credo Mutwa Cultural Village, situated in the heart of Soweto, is a museum-cum-outdoor exhibition of astounding sculptures and buildings created by artist, author and traditional healer Credo Mutwa.  This is well worth a visit.

  1. Regina Mundi (means Queen of the World, referring to the Virgin Mary) is the largest Roman Catholic church in South Africa built in 1961.  It is located in Rockville, Soweto, a populous black urban residential area.  It was a haven for people during the student uprisings of 1976.

  1. Orlando Towers is a vertical adventure facility and tourist attraction for Soweto.  Bridging the gap between adventure and township tourism, it allows visitors to enjoy one of its most famous landmarks like never before. Soweto bungee jumps and swings will have you falling head over heels for this township in no time.  This is the first ever bungee and swing between 2 cooling towers, a whopping 100 m from the ground. 

  1. Soweto Outdoor Adventures offers horizonal adventure activities to excite and enjoy. Try go karting on a purpose-built track at the base of the Orlando Towers.  Choose to go quad biking through the dusty back roads and down the muddy tracks of an informal settlement and then down famous Vilakazi Street for a very different experience.  There is always the exhilarating 20m rock climbing wall to tackle.  Or settle for paintball games with your kids.  Then tuck into a braai at the base of the towers or lunch at Chaf Pozi.

  1. Maponya Mall is Soweto’s largest shopping centre and has an impressive modern design and is the best place in Soweto for midrange and high-end shopping or just to hang out for a while

  1. Raymond Rampolokeng (072 947 3311) offers an unexpected and delightful opportunity to go birdwatching.  Owner of Bay of Grace Tours he takes his clients for a birding experience on the Vaal River on a private charter boat with coffee, tea and snacks.  You get to see some great sightings like the African Marsh Warbler, the Orange Breasted Waxbill and the Marsh Owl. 

  1. Sakhumzi Restaurant is in the viby and exciting Vilakazi Street and is a welcoming and lively place to settle in for lunch or even for a casual drink.  Settle back and drink in the energy, noise and rhythm of Soweto.

  1. Lebo’s Soweto Backpackers offers a quintessential Soweto immersion experience. The backpackers itself is quaint, slightly ramshackle and shaded by small trees.  It is low budget quirky accommodation.  The kitchen serves hearty South African fare, including the best ‘bunny chow’ – a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry – in Soweto!!  Lebo’s is famous for its cycling tours and his Tuk Tuk tours which is a great way to explore this sprawling city.

Soweto Rocks with heart, colour and laughter.  Explore this other side of our great city of Joahnnesburg -  Soweto the City within a City.

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What to Do at Victoria Falls

In the heart of Africa, wild and unfettered, Victoria Falls is the place to be. Situated between Zimbabwe and Zambia on the great Zambezi River, this heart stopping spectacle is one of the 7 Wonders of the World and the Greatest Curtain of Falling Water in the World. The climate is warm and humid due to the rain forest created by the falls. The people are friendly. The area is surrounded by National Parks teaming with wild life. The river banks upstream from the falls is home to lazy crocodiles and yawning hippopotami and thirsty wild animals. This is Africa at its best.


Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe or Zambia

One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World and the biggest curtain of falling water in the world. An experience not be missed. The first big question to consider on a visit to Victoria Falls is “which country should I go to, Zambia or Zimbabwe?”



This is a different, enriching and enlightening experience!! A tour to Soweto has something for everyone. As a South African, I have been to Soweto many times, but this time I wanted to experience Soweto as a tourist.


Faces of Soweto

A different, enriching and enlightening experience!! A tour to Soweto with my grand-daughter. We are both South African and I have been into Soweto many times for various altruistic reasons. This time I wanted to experience Soweto as a tourist.

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